Manjoume Jun(second attempt)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

@Otaku Gunso


As the title says this is my second attempt considering now there's a new jacket involved :o I'll get pics up soon though

This cosplay is actually complete because the only thing intended on doing was remaking the jacket but as I said I'll get the pics next time. I noticed I never mentioned that shirt I wear under the jacket is also the same shirt I used in my shou cosplay. For that I actually will get a different shirt in time because I'm pracitcally recycling the pants AND the shirt xD but oh well I already established those pants as being my GX pants up there fitting wit all my GX cosplay.

Edits: 6/10/14 I DID in fact get new pants because I thought the pleather would go better (:


@Otaku Gunso
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Series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Character Manjoume Jun(second attempt)
Variant obilisk blue


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