Reverie 'Ren' Metherlence

Elemental Gelade



I worked hard on this one even though I didn't quite get that feeling about the character. Mostly did it for a friend who wanted to cosplay from the same anime. I'm quite happy with the result even if there are things that need improvement.

The wig:
I dyed it myself and almost went insane over trying to get the right stuff for it (rubbing alcohol). Apparently it does not exist in my country. FUUU! U__U After trying out lots of diffrent fluids I thought would have the same effect, I found it on ebay. Can you imagine my happy? xD Oh by the way, I bought exstensions and made my own wefts and attached then to the wig to make it thicker before dying it. Anyhow, when soaked in dye the wig looked a little too dark but after the first rinse it looker perfect. After a second and when dry it became too light blue. &gt;_< But I was out on rubbing alcohol so I had to settle with it.
At one point I sewed two 'pads' into the wig to make it even more fluffy. xD Planned on wearing it like that in a contest but forgot the wig at home that time and took them out while wearing it at Närcon.

The Dress:
Was both heaven and hell to make. I made the pattern from scratch and the dress turned out too big so had to make some adjustments but when all done it turned out really great. Stupid me I came up with the idea of washing it before going to the con and it shrunk unevenly.. -.- Had to cut the skirts so they turned out a little too short but I think it can go unnoticed. ^^

The Shoes:
Is the part I think turned out the best. Found the perfect shoes on ebay and made white shoe covers. which i decorated with some fabric and yarn.


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Series Elemental Gelade
Character Reverie 'Ren' Metherlence


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