I love Okami, it was such a pretty game! I didn't really have any intention of cosplaying from it though, but when I saw an epic group was forming and there was no Ammy, I had to jump in!

The top was basically my Jeanne (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne) cosplay which I altered.
The white overskirt was my Clow Country Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles) skirt which I also altered. Took off all the detailing on it and neatened it up again.
Both made from polycotton, the top was double layered so that it wasn't see through.

Red underskirt was a weird trapezium shape so that it could wrap around my body but flair out as well. Made from polycotton.

Obi was like a curved weird trapezium shape. Made from red cotton sheeting as it's a thicker fabric.
Lots of trapeziums involved in this cosplay \o/ :'D
I used green cord with beads to tie the obi around, although I didn't realise you wouldn't be able to see it in photos :x I'll make the belt in the reference art after all (and find some other way to attach the obi).

Ears were made from long fur and trimmed. They were basically three triangles each, sewn together with two grips to attach them to my wig.

Wig was bought from Cosplay DNA on eBay.

Circle thing on my wig is made from craft foam and painted red (it was already red craft foam but it was quite pale).

This costume will be added to over time, I sort of ran out of money come Ayacon so I couldn't finish off the detailing!


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Series Okami
Character Amaterasu
Variant Gijinka


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