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This costume started with an idea for the horse heart that Daenerys eats in the Game of Thrones season one episode "A Golden Crown". I was absolutely blown away by the costuming in Game of Thrones, but I wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary, and the idea of a fully edible "horse heart" as a costume prop started to percolate in my head.

My detailed description is unfortunately *too* long and detailed for this space, so descriptions of each of the costuming pieces will be on individual photos of each piece.

In addition to my Daenerys costume, I also made my husband a Ser Jorah Mormont costume to match (seen in a couple of my pictures here). We had tons of fun wearing the costumes, both at the meetup and just walking around the hotels Saturday night. Everyone we met at the meetup was unbelievably cool, and their costumes were to die for. I was one of about 20 Daeneryses (Daeneri, we decided!) at the meetup, and as far as I know the only one at DragonCon with an edible horse heart. We had about 50 people total at the meetup, and everyone was appreciative of each others costumes, cheered when people walked in, and were generally just an awesome group of people. I bonded with the other Daeneri on the difficulty of finding good fabric for the top, and together the 20 of us (with assorted dragons and eggs) decided we could take Westeros on our own, screw everyone else. ;)

Overall I'm extremely happy with the way this costume came out. The one unforeseen issue I ran into at con was that the gummy blood around my mouth liked to stick to the gummy heart when I took a bite, and so started peeling off as the evening went on. I went back to my room once to apply more gummy blood to my mouth (re-liquifying set gummy is harder than it sounds, turns out, but enough hot water did the trick), and then just carried a tube of bright red lipstick I had somehow thought to pack, and touched up the peeling bits with that the rest of the night, in sort of the Joker school of lipstick application. I took bites out of the heart for most of the pictures I posed for, so the peeling wasn't really visible, but I would like to figure out a way to keep this from peeling before I wear this costume again.


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Series A Song of Ice and Fire
Character Daenerys Targaryen
Variant HBO Game of Thrones s1e6, 'baby shower' sequence


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