Buster Posey

San Francisco Giants



It was only a matter of time before my dual obsessions with cosplay and baseball merged. And here it is.

I chose Posey because 1) he's flippin' awesome, and 2) because he's the only Giants player I have even a chance of pulling off with my ultra-fem face.

The jerseys are authentic - bought through the MLB store. We PLANNED on doing the gray away jerseys because we could buy commercially available baseball pants to match, but suddenly the MLB store stopping selling them. :I

So we switched to the home jerseys in the off-white/ivory color that we knew would be near impossible to match (thanks for not selling legit Giants pants, Majestic!). After hunting through seven department stores, we found pants that looked enough like real baseball pants and very closely matched the ivory/off-white color of the Giants home jerseys.

Then 25+ yards of orange bias tape later, we had pants that looked pretty authentic. Woot!

For shoes, we went with athletic shoes that at least mildly resembled cleats, but without those pesky metal spikes.

My wig is the S-Boy from Epic Cosplay, originally in Cocoa Brown but darkened because I REALLY should have gotten the dark brown. I trimmed the hell out of it because Posey's hair is pretty short, but it's still a little longer because it needs to cover all my hair.

The Commissioner's Trophy was made entirely by me. Description in the photo captions and props gallery.

Most of the catcher's gear was purchased as is, except for the helmet. The process is described on the WIP photo.


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