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A purple version! Yes!

I played this game 6 years. ^^ It stole my heart and there is still no online game that i have loved more then this one. I stopped playing almost 5 years ago. But would someone ask me to start it up again (with a descent level rate) then i wouldn't even think about it twice. ^^

I usually don't do much simple cosplays, let alone love them. This cosplay is one of the oldest i still owe and i actually hated it all these years until this summer. I thought of selling it for many times, but just couldn't, because i loved the game so much. So why didn't i like it? Because i prefered the brown version. Back in the days, my neighbouring lady went fabric shopping for me and she bought purple fabric in stead of brown. ^^;; To not make it a waste of money, the cosplay still got made, but for some reason it came out to girly/pink-purple-ish. ^^;; And so i didn't like it that much.

Pictures of the first 2 conventions had almost no artistic look to it. They were dull, both in colours and poses. I lost most of them in several PC crashes and formats and i won't bother looking for the few of those that are still around on the internet. ^^

Surprise factor at the last con:
The older this cosplay gets, the more people recognize the character. o.O I think this was the most popular cosplay i did up till now. Yes even more then Midna!! Made me seriously wonder. ^^ Food for thought, i guess.

Worn on:
Contopia 2006 (Germany)
F.A.C.T.S 2007 (Belgium)
Japan Expo Paris 2011 (France) - Friday

========= CREATION =========

Well there isn't much to say about this really. I think that this must be one of the most simple designs i have ever made. Back in the days it took a while. But now it wouldn't suprise me if i could wip something like this up in a day.

HEAD PIECES: I wore different hats to different conventions. I wore Angel Wings to Contopia. But i love to exagerate in things and made them "life-sized" like in the game. Problem was that if i turned my head, someone got smacked into the face with a wing tip. Also going through small doorways or area's with a lot of people packed up together, was starting to become a problem. In the end i backed down from this fanatic idea and decided to wear a different headgear to the next con. I quickly decided to wear the coronet to F.A.C.T.S (small crown for the people who never played RO). =_= Problem there was that people started asking me "What are you cosplaying? A princess? OMG YOU LOOK CUTE". My reaction: &gt;_< AAAAAAARG!
So then i figured, why not just chose a headgear that i wore ingame most of the time. Those were Magicians Hat and Boy's Cap. Since i didn't feel like wearing a top hat all day and who knows what weird comments i would get on it, i figured to go with a Boy's Cap and some Angel Ears. And i must say that combo went pretty well.

PINS: For the original cosplay, i actually forgot to make the 2 golden pins that High Wizards wore on their cape. *LAUGHS* I'm not sure how i forgot it TWICE!!!! But i guess third time is a charm. :p

STAFF: I maybe forgot the pins, but i did make a staff. And it sucked. Didn't look one bit like the staves in the game. After my first 2 conventions i re-used parts of it to make other better looking cosplay items and i should be happy i did.

Have fun ~~


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Narnian Sunning! This cosplay is amazing!

Cheebes "what are you cosplaying? A princess? OMG YOU LOOK CUTE" bwahaha, I normally get "OHH ARE YOU FROM YU-GI-OH?!" for my High Wizard. :'D And sweet, we're rocking the same headgear. Your high wizard came out adorable!