Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



SHIRT-> pink women's sweater from the thrift store with the collar and sleeves removed, collar re-attached, taken in, hemmed, zipper added, and dyed by me. On the floor of our dorm. In a giant plastic storage bin. Whoo college!

PANTS-> loosely based of a women's pants pattern. made from a grey/black courderoy turned inside out to get rid of the stripes. unlike the skirt, the buckles on the pants are real buckles. cargo pockets were drafted.

SLEEVE-> pattered loosely from my Yoko jacket, same fabric as the pants

MANSKIRT-> drafted own pattern, made of same fabric as the pants

PAULDON-> cardboard soda can box fitted to arm and held together with tape. covered in paper mache and vinyl. Inside lined with felt and any place that showed was covered in paint (suggested by jiajem. com) the strap is vinyl and pinned in place. The fenrir is made of ceramic clay by me, then fired, painted, and glazed by the kind people at All Fired Up [link]

ARMBAND-> black sock from the dollar-store with the toes cut off

GLOVES-> old horseback-riding gloves with mini-fenrirs made by my roommate hot-glued on

SHOES-> actually knee-high women's combat boots from HotTopic

WIG-> was once a mullet. still sort of looks like a mullet


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Cloud Strife
Variant Advent Children


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