Sailor Mars

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



This costume was part of a marathon session devoted to making Sailor Senshi costumes (the Pretty Guardian versions, except for Sailor Moon: everyone prefered red to pink) for a short film. You can watch the teaser trailer here:

The five of us spent a whole day cooped up in my room, cutting and shaping upholstery foam for the waistbands, shoulder armour and arm bands. There were foam scraps everywhere by the time we were done.

I used red cotton for the skirt and matching accessories. The choker needs work: velcro isn't very good at holding it shut.

The bodice is an ordinary white t-shirt. I simply attached the collar and padded sleeves to it.

The big purple bow used to be a tank top. There's felt inside it to keep it stiff. The jewel is made from hot glue.

The gloves and shoes are bought. I can't walk properly in heels so I wore flats.

This is a very comfortable costume to wear. I wouldn't mind wearing it more, even though Sailor Moon isn't my favourite anime (Sailor Moon Abridged is another kettle of fish entirely)


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Mars
Variant Sailor Senshi


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