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I actually had no intention of cosplaying as Dr. Girlfriend, as I'm currently finishing up a Pete White costume, but getting roped into helping with a 60's themed party just gave me the opportunity to double up and make another Venture Bros costume. (I'll just say I'm Jackie O or a flight attendant at the party, lol...Heck, my sister even agreed to dress up as J.F. Kennedy to match so that we can greet the guests XD)

[x]Wig: A black femme fatale wig that I plan on styling the flips into via barrel brush, blow dyer and aqua net. Teasing is a must! :)

[x]Hat: found the perfect pink pillbox hat at the Village Hat Shop at Seaport.

[x]Earrings: went out antiquing and discovered a pair of vintage clip-on's that are super duper close! Lucky find ;)

[x]Makeup: Got two shades of purple from MAC, of course, seeing as villains get a discount. Wasn't able to track down the poodle pink lip-gloss, though *sad face*

[]Dress: 80% complete: pink crepe polyester fully lined with white cotton. Matching fabric-covered buttons (my first time doing this--so awesome!) with hand-stitched button holes and interfacing at the collar for stiffness. I also hand-stitched the bottom hem for a cleaner edge.

[x]Boots: ordered from shoebuy.com

[x]Gloves: ordered a vintage pair of white cotton gloves via ebay.


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Character Dr. Girlfriend


skulldouggary Wow, looks cute so far...love the Venture Bros!!!