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This is a custom-designed costume my mother asked me to create for publicity for her fantasy book series, Allon. ( For background on the character, Shannan is the female protagonist. From birth, she is destined to bring back the return of the mysterious Guardians and help Prince Ellis take his rightful place as ruler of Allon. She is a strong, but caring girl, wise beyond her years (and needs to be to deal with a young, hot-headed Ellis!) and an expert hunter. Her grandfather, Sir Niles of Pollux, whisked her away upon her birth as she was marked for death by the Dark Way (why? Well, you’ll just have to read the book! :) ). As such Shannan lives in the secluded forest of Dorgirith away from prying eyes and invasive questions.

This particular costume is from the beginning of the book where her character is introduced. It a forester’s costume in basis, but with it being in the world of Allon, we’re trying to stay away from the cliched medieval look. The era of costume design for Allon is designed roughly around the renaissance period, but with a fantasy aspect as well as Allon is a fantasy world not unlike Middle Earth. Stealth and ease of movement in Shannan’s clothes would be essential. So I have designed the costume to have nothing dangling off of it as not to deter movement as well as keep things in a utilitarian fashion.

Wig: Sadly, that is not my real hair (I wish! Mine's limp as a fish and super thin!). The wig was made by Aria Darling -

Cowl: Based off of Altair's hood from Assassin's Creed, sans bird beak. Material: brown poly-suede from Hobby Lobby.

Undershirt: XS 100% linen shirt from Goodwill (brand: Gap)

Jerkin: The most complicated piece by far! Just about everything on this costume was made from leather apparel picked up from Goodwill. The lighter-coloured patchwork part of the jerkin is actually from a cut-up $1,200 leather coat we found at Goodwill for $35. (You heard that right folks, we cut up a $1,200 coat in the name of costuming!) The tan brown parts are from a leather skirt. The sleeves, made to resemble leaves are the same poly-suede from Hobby Lobby that we used to make the cowl.

***NOTE: Every fastening (save the top of the pants) on this costume are made with D-rings.

Gauntlets: Made from cut-up leather pants and leather skirt from Goodwill.

Belt: One seriously awesome pre-distressed belt from Goodwill.

Wineskin: Yard sale, then painted to match the colours of the costume (the original wineskin is grey and bright red).

Pouch: Yard sale. We added the embellishment of a berry-coloured bead on the outside. The bottom is a turkey beard, I believe, but I'm not entirely sure.

Pants: Leather Ann Taylor pants from Goodwill.

Boots: Suede slouch boots from Goodwill.

Bow: Winter Shoot - Small Child's bow
Wolf Shoot - Photographer's long bow

Wolf: Breeze the Timberwolf (that's right, she's a REAL wolf! She is not a pet, but a rescue by a man in Tennessee who has a soft spot for the majestic creatures.)

You can read more in-depth making-of on each costume piece as well as drawings of the original costume on my blog.


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Narnian Stunning and amazing costume! It's gorgeous!

Fujin!! WOLF *_*