One Piece



Costume made by me!~

The top Part:
I made this out of a very bad material. I reconmend using stretch fabric for this :). Like a nice Sateen or rayon.
The designs are done by felt.

The Skirt:
The inner skirt is a stiff like lining fabric xD. The outta layers are chiffon. I dyed it blue at the top so it has that grandient effect. I also ruffled the skirts together.

Make out of craft foams. Details were done by felt and glitter glue.

Over Coat:
Made out of chiffon. I dyed it red, washed it a few times and it became pink~ You can dye with fabric paint or acrylic paint(but this will make your material stiff) Water color paint works too^^! But is very weak.

I did a low Odango bun^^.

Log Pose:
Was quite hard to make; that needle inside was a kiler LOL.
for more instructions here -->

Made by beads and craft foams.

Hope this helped someone :D~


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series One Piece
Character Nami
Variant Alabasta


Narnian Stunning Nami!

Gummibar I love the sheer fabric and entire costume. It's so well made, I love it. <3 keep it up!

LadyNoa Muy buena nami. Me encanta el cosplay como las fotos ^^

beloved4ever Great Nami! And your photos are beautiful...