Yomiko Readman

Read or Die



A fairly simple costume. When I realized I already owned half the items I needed (or my sister did), I knew I had to do her. Yomiko does not get enough love. ; u;

Made the vest and the trench coat out of some pretty standard cottons. Bought the wig, cut the bangs, bought the glasses, and ta da! c:

There's a little bookshop in town that would be PERFECT for a proper photoshoot for Yomiko. I sheepishly asked my artistically-inclined friend a while ago if she'd be up for shooting me, but she just got engaged...so we'll see if it'll happen. xP

Really love wearing Yomiko, though! Worn her two times now. Simple and comfortable, and people seem to be pretty happy when they recognize me~ c: An artist in the artist's alley told me he started a picture of Yomiko, apparently because I was his inspiration from a previous con! xDD


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Character Yomiko Readman


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