December Wynn as The Will of the Abyss

The Will of the Abyss

Pandora Hearts

Cosplayer: December Wynn
This was my dream costume! I was so excited to make it! A few words on how I made it:

Long Skirt: The skirt was made with a white polyester wedding fabric and a thick satin lining, with lace trim at the edges. All together, it was about 12 yards of fabric.

Short Skirt: constructed of three tiers of dupioni silk in order to achieve a gradient. I had no idea that silk was so stringy.

Bodice: The bodice was the easiest part of the costume to make. I created a pattern and simply used steel bones to give it the proper support. The ruffles were a little tricky, but not too hard.

Sleeves: The sleeves were hard - it took me three tries. I lined them with ruffled dupioni, and there is a flat lace sewn around the edges. An elastic band at the top holds them up.

Paniers: The modified paniers were constructed with muslin and soft copper. There are three paniers to support the dress- two on the hips and one around the backside. There is a also a bum roll for added...volume.

Wig: I started with a short wig and wefted long hair into the back, including two braids.

Roses: I had fun dying a bunch of cheap white hob-lob roses in order to give them teal edges. I had less fun hand stitching them to the skirt, the choker, the shoes, the garter...

Overall, easier to make than expected, and it held up wonderfully. The only modification I will make will be to make some hip pads, the paniers gave me bruises.