Van Hohenheim

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood



I really like the Fullmetal Alchemist:
Brotherhood series and Van Hohenheim was an interesting character. It was the first time I have styled and worn a wig, so that was something new. I also had a lot of trouble finding temp blonde hair color for my beard. But it was a lot of fun to cosplay Van Hohenheim.

Just wanted to add that I gave up on trying to grow a anime beard and I'll stick with using the crepe wool. I think it looks better, even though it is a pain to put on.


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Character Van Hohenheim


Maakie I love how you made the beard! :D

Overbeck Thank you.

oingomyboingo I absolutely love your Hohenheim cosplay and the best part, the part that made me tear up slightly was the perfect blue hair tie! Amazing.

PikaPandaPan You are Hoenheim. Oh my goodness. This is absolutely perfect.

buttless-butler Talk about an epitome of perfected Cosplays! Very well done, sir.

DrTights Damn! this is also well done!!

Frozen Angel Oh look like Hohenheim as if he were real! This costume is so going to my Favourites! Love FMA! <3

Eiashian Wooow, this is very impressive. The entire cosplay is just great, many kudos!!

Kurumi_Eiri Awesome Hohemheim!!! :O

Overbeck Thanks, it's a lace front wig from Arda wigs.

Feuerregen Love your beard! and may I ask how you did the front part of the wig? it looks so natural.

Dalibar You. Are. Awesome. If I didn't know better I'd think the character was based off of *you* ^_^!!

Overbeck Thank you for your kind comments.

Narnian Superb Hohenheim!!!!

Thearah I remember seeing the picture that Brian tok of you-- and I was in awe! I really wish I could have seen this in person! *A* You. Look. Like. You. Stepped. Out. Of. The Show. REALLY, THIS IS SO AWESOME.

Rosiel_ wow you make an awesome Hohenheim! *A* FMA <3

Overbeck Thank you very much

Evil-Siren Oh my god!!!! I have NEVER EVER seen such an authentic Cosplay like this! It's so incredible I'm nearly speechless. Such a wonderfull cosplay of Van Hohenheim! Absolutely great and stunning!

Diegator Here's something you don't see often: Legit cosplay beards. Well done indeed.

Overbeck Thank you and I really like your cosplays.