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A Honchkrow gijinka of my own design. This took several months to build with the wing arms, which used this tutorial as a base: http://sunnybrook1.deviantart.com/art/WIP-Realistic-Wings-174070825
The wings are made using mostly felt to prevent fraying, and add stability to the wings, although the inside side of the wings uses cotton solid fabrics. The shafts of all the long primary and secondary feathers use metal wire hangers for the shaft, and smaller coverts all use bamboo skewers. Primary feathers are attached to a pivot at the wrist, all of them threaded onto a bolt which allows me to spread the feathers by grabbing the first few of them and lifting, and the secondaries are all attached along elastic that goes between my wrist, all the way up to my shoulders where it meets with the shoulder harness.
I am mostly proud of this design for the wing-arms themselves- I have always had a problem with wings out the back (since that basically is just adding another set of arms out of a person's back and anatomy wut?), so wing-arms have always made so much more sense to me, and to finally be able to build some is just fantastic!
Be warned, if you do build a set of these wings, they are HEAVY for long time wear- I have worn mine for several hours at a time, and although they are fine to carry most of the time when they are let limp, holding them up in a spread pose gets tiring quickly, so be sure to bulk up if you build something like this!


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Character Honchkrow


R-R-RADICAL You look fantastic! Small question, though. When you aren't wearing the wings, how small do they get? I'm thinking of making some, but I'm worried I wouldn't have any space in the car to fit 2 giant wings.

Psychic Very cool design! It works out really well with the pinstripe suit, and the way the feathery sleeves makes for a great overall effect. And those wings are simply stunning. Terrific work! ~Psychic

dalbkino Wow! Your honchkrow is amazingly well thought out! Love it!

griffstar I love how this gijinka just seems to flow together. Congrats on making those amazing wings!

Anime_freak_kai Normally I'm not a gijinka fan, but this design is fantastic! Great cosplay!

Kudrel VERY cool design!! You must have did of heat! >.<