Laxus Dreyar

Fairy Tail



My very first cosplay, debuted @ Finncon-Animecon 2011, Turku, Finland.

'twas a pretty fun project I gotta say. The pants were the first thing I had ever sewn and I almost cried a few times because it seemed like I had made the pattern all wrong and stuff. In the end it worked out fine tho <3

The headphones were old broken Sennheiser HD 212Pro's from which I took the phones off. I made the spikes out of wood and covered them with paper-mache. After that I dyed them. Finally I tied some fishing line onto them and put some tape on them so they would stay at my ears 8D

The shirt was just an old yellow'ish shirt I found from the nearby flea market for two euros. I drew and dyed the spots on it with a fabric marker and dye.

I cannot take all the credit from the costume though. The cool as heck wig was styled by my girlfriend because I was too afraid to touch it XD <3


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Series Fairy Tail
Character Laxus Dreyar


zarnex wow this is one of the best laxus cosplays iv seen great job :D

xsailorsam i love it, laxus is one of my favourites.

AanZku Anne teki hienoa työtä peruukin kanssa. Sopii sinulle, kuin nakutettu x3

Flanna Great Luxus , even tough well...I hate him :P You look amazing!

defia Aargh, sieki olet täällä! : DD Toistan itseäni, mutta tämä asu on upea^^