Lina Inverse

Slayers NEXT



First of all I'd like to thank Celyddon, a fellow Lina cosplayer for loaning me her armor patterns and to my mom who shot the photos. I'm glad this costume turned out really well since I've always loved and admired Lina. I'm going to be cosplaying her along with Haruhi from Ouran in NDK and I'll be taking the twins with me.
The only thing that was a pain to do was surprisingly, the boot covers, I just could not get them right for the longest time. If you have any questions about the costume construction or if you have a Slayers costume and want to get together for photos than feel free to shoot me a pm.


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Slayers NEXT
Character Lina Inverse
Variant Next outfit


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