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Well, as with Tsubaki, Olette was a very last minute decision. I had planned to do her eventually of course, but doing her for San Japan was not what I had in mind. I was going to do Rinoa instead, but I realized that my procrastination was not going to allow me to finish the duster in time. Therefore, I chose to do Olette instead.

This is the first costume that I am not doing from scratch. For multiple reasons, really. One, I don't have the time to pull together everything (plus button holes hate me so the pants are impossible). Two, her outfit is really simple.
Basically, I went to Target and bought an orange shirt (there were no plain orange undershirts -_-" ) and some khaki pants. I hemmed the pants up to the right length and cut the sleeves and part of the collar off of the shirt. I added white and black bias tape to the sleeves and just white to the color. The sleeves turned out better than the collar and I've decided that I don't enjoy using bias tape, no matter how useful it is. After that, I went and fabric painted the white flowers on and outlined them in black sharpie.
Anyway, the bracelet and necklace were very simple. I just got a bead set and made the necklace, and since it looks like just a bead on a black string to me for the necklace, that is what I did. I bought some white shoes and painted them with yellow and dark grey paint (ugly...so ugly). Lastly, I cut and painted my orange baseball socks from Academy.


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