Lluvia Loxar

Fairy Tail



- Pictures coming soon -

【"Of course! It's called 'someting or other Gray'!"】

Finally Lluvia (or Juvia)! I wanted to cosplay for almost two years now, I think. But I never got the chance or the motivation to begin a costume of her. But then I found her blue dress from the OVA "Youkoso Fairy Hills" and that dress is so lovely. I kept it in mind for maybe two months and then I made this cosplay.

I sewed the dress within 8 hours and styled my cobalt blue Ramona Flowers wig for Lluvia. I'm not quite sure, if her hairstyle fits me or not, but I really like Lluvia.

We had a small photoshoot with this cosplay and we used water for it. It was much fun and I used a fraimed picture of Gray as accessory. xD Now, I really wanne do Lluvia's standard outfit!


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series Fairy Tail
Character Lluvia Loxar
Variant Youkoso Fairy Hills Dress


kiba ql amazing!!