Anastasia (once upon a december gown)




Something on my secret wishing list. One of my favorite non-Disney characters as well! The storyline and the music are just wonderful.

Hair bow + bow: 1m cheap blue satin
Shoes: my old white wedding shoes
Crown: pearls (used from free gift: necklace and bracelet) plastic (left over Artemis) and left over gold 4-way stretch fabric called lame
Necklace: satin cord with pearls (bought Rayher ones and an old grandmother necklace)
Earrings: bought in the store
Wig: bought and styled

The first try-out dress was quickly made. (approx 7 hours) The "top" was based again on the same pattern of my Queen Clarion. The skirt part of the gown was a mess since there was not enough fabric and the quality of the yellow fabric was not good as well. Therefore the dress was remade.

The new dress was made out of: the existing crystal organza sleeves, approx. 8 meters white anti-static satin lining fabric and approx. 9 yards sparkling satin yellow fabric (nylon) from a eBay store who sold formal pageant fabrics.

Total cost: ~ 100€ (except the wig + try out dress)


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Series Anastasia
Character Anastasia (once upon a december gown)


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