BATMAN cast from real production parts

Batman (1989 movie)



This is a second build of the 1989 bat suit word by Michael Keaton. For this build, I actually managed to grab pieces that were cast off actual production made parts for the movie. This is not the fan made stuff I put together prior.
You may immediately notice the increased level of accuracy here since I'm basically using what Michael Keaton and his stunt crew, wore on set. Many thanks to all my friends who helped me out in obtaining these rare parts to clean up and put together. I hope you enjoy the pics.


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Series Batman (1989 movie)
Character BATMAN cast from real production parts
Variant Michael Keaton


Rinoa07 You're detailing is incredible, and your attention to authenticity is more than commendable! Fantastic work!

Daiseko I'm obsessed with batman! ...and I think I love you. x3 A job well done! Looks amazing!

SiveraChandler You know, I've always told people who think Batman is an "easy costume to pull off because it's a full suit" that it's not easy, because the one part that is exposed needs to be spot freaking on (and of course, one needs to be able to fill the actual suit, but that is another matter entirely) and sir, let me say, You have the jaw of Bruce Goddamn wayne. Great cosplay!!!

Batnismo Wow! Looks great! I’m planning on building an 89 Bat suit too. Any advice? I’m kind of new to the scene.

Narcomics Thanks! Will be back soon with updates. ;]

EnigmaSphinx This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I can't wait to see more pictures!

splash!-ley88 Can't wait to see the final pics! Looks amazing so far.