Lloyd w/ the Dragon Buster

The Legend of Dragoon



- Original version was my very first cosplay ever ( and thus, like everyone else's first costume, was really not very good ^_^; ) used for ACen 2001.
- Complete version history included in the Workshop journal below.
- Current main version was used Saturday at Youmacon 2008 (sans the Dragon Buster because I was judging and also helping backstage with the masq.)
+ Small edits took place in time for a cosplay Photo Party on February 2009 in Chicago at SushiSamba.

The light-up sword is almost completely made from hot glue...please read the captions to the photos for more info. &gt;^_^<

The "mysterious man in black" cape is done after 4-5 years in the waiting, so I'll get shots up at some point. (That will probably constitute a separate costume listing, actually.)

I am highly considering making his full armor from the end of the game, given the sudden revived interest in LoD....


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Series The Legend of Dragoon
Character Lloyd w/ the Dragon Buster


Alwayzbored *o* OMG, this costume is just absolutely amazing! *poke* XD

Amaterasu01 THIS IS AN AMAZINGLY AWSOME COSTUME! This would be my dream costume!!!!! Good job!!! =D

AznTranquility Yui. I still fangirl over your Lloyd.

NytenGale you WERE at youmicon! [email protected] wish i would have realized you were one of the hallway judges before i left the room...although...it probably saved you the embarrassment of me fawning all over you...xD Being a HUGE LoD fan I scoured this site YEARS ago and 'squeed' at it then...it's improved so much and amazes me still! Love it!! :3

riamthewanderer I love you. I love you sooo much for making this.

Avianna With this new function on Cosplay.com, you can favorite costumes. I like this. I wish I could just favorite you as a cosplayer. I saw you in the documentary at ACen and I had seen you on here before, but I didn't remember your name. The girls at the party told me your name and I'm just excited to see what you do next. Your costumes are wonderful!