I have been following Skullgirls for a long time and was super excited when it finally came out. I main Filia and Valentine and really like Filia's character and also thought her wig would be a big challange (I'm still working on it atm, haha).One of my new favorite costumes. I spent a lot of time trying to make everything accurate even though it's relativity simple and I just love it, ahhh.

he shirt I made from scratch. I based it off a blouse pattern and added a helluva lot of extra darts and seams, lengthened the sleeves, and added the oversized cuffs. The pockets were probably the hardest part since I wanted them to have that "3-D effect" that Filia's has. I patterned those off of some cargo pockets and have some craft foam stuck in there to help them keep their shape.

Hat and skirt were both made from scratch as well, but were not that difficult so I don't have much to say about them.

Wig has been a crazy, crazy adventure. Base wig was a long wig I got off of arda wigs. I ripped off the wefts in the back and created a hard felt shape for the mouth. Hair was then carefully applied with glue and hairspray to cover it. Inside of the mouth is felt that was glued on while the teeth and eyes were made from lightweight sculpy and glued on.

Tentacles are still a work in progress but I will get them done soon!


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alexreaper wait, there was a Filia at kumoricon and i missed it. ; . ; really well done costume btw.