CrystalNeko as Sheryl Nome

Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime

Diamond Crevasse

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko
When I first saw the concept art for this before the movie came out I thought it was pretty cool but never really found it a costume I wanted to wear or make. I dunno why to this day I still wanted to make it but it's more interesting than the TV Diamond Crevasse version and I like long drapey things so thought why not!

The dress was made fairly last minute. As in, I started at 2am on the day of the event, stopped at 5.30am, slept for 3hrs, worked on it more for an hour and it was done. I think it would have been done a lot quicker if I hadn't been faffing about with how to do the detailing, my initial idea was to create pleats, but I knew I wouldn't have time to iron the thing and the fabric is really too heavy and would make it look bulky.

I don't actually know what the fabric is. It was listed on eBay as sari fabric but I can see it as some form of satin, it's not a satin I've used before in the past so I honestly have no idea what it is. All I know is that it melts well as I used offcuts to make a flower pendent, which was inaccurate, but I had no clay.

I started the dress by first sewing together the lining and pinning the zip in place so that I know just how fitted it should be. I also made the length of the lining slightly shorter than the dress should be so that I could create a bubble hem later. Luckily I had like 5m of blue lining fabric from my early days of cosplaying when I thought lining was as thick as satin and didn't realise it was double layered on the roll LOL.

The top layer of the dress fitted the exact same way as the lining but with darts running down the front to make it more fitted and was extended a lot more so that it could be folded up later.

The detailing consisted of pleats which were stitched down at some points. A big bow which was gathered in the centre. And then a fake bow tie thing with some dark blue ribbon tied and stitched in place. I was allowed a lot of artistic licence because it really is very unclear what is going on with her dress, I tried to get the lines to match up as much as possible though.

Once all the detailing was sewn on, I was able to attach the main dress to the lining by folding under the main dress to attach onto the lining on the inside. Then the zip followed by the top band was sewn on so you can no longer see any raw edges even from the inside, yay!

The jacket involved lots of maths, mainly because I didn't have enough to comfortably make a huge jacket as I sort of just bought it without having worked out how much fabric I would need. Lets just say I used circle theorem to work out my circumference, then I used SOHCAHTOA to work out how many triangles I could fit on my pile of fabric. Then circle theorem again to work out the curved edge length and cut it all out equally. It's made with 3 panels overall, the middle panel being the largest. Once the semi circle was cut out and sewn together I made a simple short jacket shape for the top and attached the semicircle onto that. The sleeves are basically a trapezoid shape.
I have the fabric for the detailing at the bottom of the jacket, I just ran out of time in actually cutting it all out, hemming it, and sewing it on. I shall update my journal and description when I actually do this.

All the accessories were all just varying sizes of rectangles, I found that the bracelets were not fitted and looked like they could be slid on and off so I made them quite large so it didn't nee velcro. The anklets and choker needed velcro though. In the reference I had, the accessories seem to have a white lace trim. I couldn't find the perfect lace trim, well I did, after having bought a bulk already, I didn't want to change the lace trim after having sewn most of it though. I managed to find a scallop lace trim and a teardrop lace trim and decided to cut up the teardrop shapes and PVA glue them on the tip of the scallops to achieve the same sort of design as it is in the reference. This was actually quite relaxing.

The flower on the headband was made by using one of my mugs as a template and drew out a circle, then extended them slightly into petal shapes. Cut out several flowers in varying sizes on different fabric and colours. Then I used a little candle and melted the edges slightly just so the raw edges were gone and it curved inwards slightly. All the layers were PVA-glued initially but I tacked it in place with thread too. Then three white beads were glued to the centre, I thought this was a nice touch.
Still need to do more to the headband, I'll post a journal entry and update this description when I do.

The pendant is inaccurate, I need clay and paint to make it accurate. So for the time being I've created a flower. This flower was literally three circles using the same material for the main dress, melted, with a little bead stitched to the middle and the flower was stitched to some black string. Looks alright for the main reference as it's just a blue blob. But in the close up references it's some weird shape that I can't achieve using fabric.

Wig belongs to Special-Pleb. It's actually her Nia (Gurren Lagann) wig! Initially from Fantasy Sheep I think. I hope to get a white/silver wig and sew in some powder blue streaks myself one day though.
Shoes bought from eBay. These need to be modified and potentially dyed.
Tights bought from Dorothy Perkins.

One day I need to make the microphone! I'm happy I've finally cosplayed a version of Sheryl that she wears in a concert... But this now means I need a mic!
I have crazy ideas of making it a real microphone but this is just me being really enthusiastic with electronics. I like circuitry and blowing up components. I mean... I am totally pro...