Since I´ve made Lavis first outfit, of course I had to make second one a well :D It is more cooler anyway xD Last time I used black fake leather, and I used it also for this costume. Pants are the same, I used last time, as well as my wig, eyepach, and bandana. So, when I had to make just his coat, boots, and leather things on his pants, this costume made some progress pretty quickly :D

I´m still quite a bad sewer, but I´m learning. At least this time I didn´t make the same mistakes than I did to my first coat. At least not so often x,D I used the same fake leather than last time, ´cause I found it out really nice and cheap material to use. This time zipper was thin and smaller, so it was easy to find a right one. Button was made by papermache, and I painted it with silver paint.


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Lavi
Variant casual


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