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My love of the Ragnarok Online costume designs once again had me working away on another costume. Champion is my 3rd RO costume, but it’s the first time I’ve looked more to fan art for inspiration than the original designs by Gravity Inc. Also, pants! Yay pants! The official design has the female Champ in a costume very similar the previous job class, the Monk, yet the in game sprite looked different, and to me, more appealing. When I found a handful of fan art images closer to the look of the job sprite I decided to break from religiously following the Gravity design and make the changes I liked most.

The costume consists of a boned corset with gold bias tape sewn by hand above each strip of boning. The inner layer of the corset is denim, the outer layer is red satin. The pants are a really comfortable stretch twill (or something like that) made using a modified Capri pattern. The gold detailing at the knees was made almost entirely by hand so that all the raw edges are self contained within the cuff. The jacket/vest was made from a modified trench coat pattern. The vest completely lined with grey broadcloth, and all the gold trim was sewn by hand. The gloves/arm guards consist of 3 parts. The first part are black Halloween gloves I bought at the dollar store, on top of that are fingerless gloves I made by hand by butchering a commercial glove pattern. The arm guards are red satin and gold piping sewn to pieces and foam and are attached to the gloves using elastic and snaps. The belt is made of black pleather and gold piping and closes in the back with Velcro. The sash was freehanded and the flames are acrylic paint. The only part of this costume I did not make is the big medallion on the belt. It was a gift from my friend Featherweight, who made it during an all night session of How I Met Your Mother in my living room with cardboard I had around the house. The only think I have left to finish are the boots, which will happen eventually.

Overall I’m really proud of how most of the aspect of this costume turned out. Not everything has been perfect, but since I’ve taken my time on everything instead of rushing like usual, I’m a lot more satisfied with it than many other things I’ve made. I’m most proud of my gloves. Again, they’re not perfect, but I worked incredibly hard to get them as close to the original reference as possible. Also, the pants are really comfortable!


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