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Samara from Mass Effect 2 was a costume and character I decided upon as soon as her trailer came out. I had been looking at ME armour for some time trying to decide what was feasible and what was going to be a bit of a nightmare. I love the Phoenix armour from the first game but the pieces didn't make much sense to me except to cast them fully out of latex so as to have that rigid/flexible thing.
I have a few large Ultracal molds now but didn't fancy having that many at the time!

But Samara had costume componants I could clearly see being rigid and soft and then there is the whole tentacle head thing going on ;)

My tentacles are designed to be more generic. Samara specifically has a different jawline going on, her jawline extends back and behind the gills while Liara and others are in the usual place. As I figured I would want to make other Asari costumes at some stage I decided on the more usual style.

The headpiece is cast in two parts, please note I developed this as a way to make casting a little easier (it means a bad pull means only half is ruined as opposed to an entire piece) and allowed for a much better ability to sculpt and get detail on the underside of the tentacles.


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Mohmoh amazing latex piece. Pleas show us more pictures!