Morrigan Aensland [swimsuit]

Darkstalkers/ Cross Edge

I had been curious of how to make a swimsuit for some time now and fell in love with Morrigan's ridiculous Cross-Edge bat-swimwear (seriously, Cross Edge has so many spooky cute designs I'm going to be cosplaying the Aensland sisters for the next 5 years). Though, this is a costume and not necessarily sea-worthy.

TOP: The pattern was created by me, the top is made out of layers of deep purple and flesh-toned stretch fabric (polyester?). The bottom trim is black satin ribbon left over from Rei. The bats are black metallic acrylic paint mixed with textile medium for extra fabulousness.

NECKLACE: The pendant is made of model magic with a copper wire loop inserted. It was painted with black metallic acrylic paint with a little silver nail polish on top. The chain is from a necklace I already owned.

The original artwork can be found here
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Series Darkstalkers/ Cross Edge
Character Morrigan Aensland [swimsuit]
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