Sorceress Edea

Final Fantasy VIII



Pain the butt remake of my Edea costume AGAIN, because i'm weird like that. I could have literally made at least 3 new costumes in the time span it took create this thing. A lot of stuff went wrong along the way, but I learned some pretty good lessons and new skills from it. This was my first time working with resin for a costume. My husband Neon Genocide was a big help with all of that! The backpeice actually melted/warped in the sun while sitting outside drying. This was the day before Otakon! So it was a panick to get it to a wearable condition in time for the convention! This thing is soooo uncomfortable to wear! I usually can only bear about 3 hours or so before I give in to the discomfort!

I'm also super happy about how the back of the helmet looks too! I finally got that funky pointed back that she has in the game!


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Sorceress Edea


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