Usually I blame Clementine for my cosplay impulses, but hey, looks like this time it's my fault. And I'm taking everyone down with me.

So I've been on Team Crowley, uh, forever. Gotta love a man who loves suits and whiskey as much as I do.

For obvious reasons, I can't possibly pull off a Mark Sheppard look-a-like, so I'm doing a genderbend (a first for an avid crossplayer).

Full group will (hopefully) include Meg (v 2.0), fem!Sam, fem!Dean, fem!Bobby, and fem!Cas. And anyone else I can convince.

General outline for the costume:

~black dress
~black suit jacket
~dress shirt collar + tie
~red patent leather heels
~wig (the Jane from Arda in Spanish Brown)

Since I'm prop-crazy, I'm amassing angel blades, the demon tablet, the First Blade, Ruby's knife, and a polycarbonate prop glass of whiskey because public intoxication laws blah blah blah.


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