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Oh my, how much time I didn't appear here! :OO But ok, I finally post a costume that I made one year and half ago xDD Well, this cosplays has a funny history. I made it in Kanzen 2012, when Tânia Gaidarji (Bulma's voice actress in Brazil) came to Recife again. I had promised her in Omake 2012 (when I made Silva) that if she came back to Recife one day, I would made Bulma. And I keep my promise until the end. This costume was made in the morning of the Kanzen. It was so stressful, but with help of my friend Vitor, everything was ready minutes before I go on stage and share it with Tânia. She is lovely! But I fell of the stage, and it was lucky that I didn't break any bone xDD
I wanted post this costume here, but because of the fall, I didn't take good pictures of this costume &gt;< But in last November (I guess), a friend of mine, Marielle, called the people to the Dragon Ball's group. It was perfect to take some photos with a group and have fun.
AND IT WAS SO WONDERFUL! I really loved my group and I could repeat that day many times xDD Well, soon the group will meet again and have a beautiful photoshoot :DD But, until there, I hope you all enjoy these photos ^^


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Character Bulma Brief
Variant Pink dress


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