Queen Elsa




Dress is one piece, it's made of a cotton blend with metallic threads and a Poplin lining. I chose a brighter color palate than the original since it goes a bit better with my skin tone and I just like it more. Haha. The dress is a Princess Seam pattern with a small train and a bit of a mermaid look. The bodice has boning on the sides. I wanted a little support but I knew that once I covered it the boning wouldn't make much difference. However I still double boned it on the sides with plastic boning. I then covered the bodice with small squares of scrap booking paper. To be honest this wasn't the best idea but I was too lazy to cut a bunch of craft foam squares, paint and sparkle them so I got already sparkly paper. It's very stiff and makes it difficult to wear but it looks awesome so it's ok.

The sheer bodice is made of chiffon and I used a mix of white glue, water and sparkles to make the designs. I'm not quite happy with the bodice, it's not form fitting enough, but it's as close as I could make it out of the non-stretch chiffon.

The cape is also chiffon with a fabric paint, glue, water, glitter mixture to make the design. Again I don't really like this part but I wanted to finish this costume for the Leavenworth shoot. The cape is 6 yards of fabric and is a half circle skirt, but it's still not as long as I wanted. I might re make it someday, I might not, who knows. The kids will still appreciate it, so I'm ok with it.

The shoes were an old pair of flats that I painted and glittered with the glue water mixture, of course I didn't seal them though cause I'm cheap and lazy so the sparkles need to be replaced every wear.

I'm so happy I got this done for this shoot cause like come on, so totes worth all of the glitter and craziness!

Photos thanks to Darkain Multimedia and On Impulse Photography of Cospix.net


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Series Frozen
Character Queen Elsa
Variant Ice Dress


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