Aselea as Queen Elincia

Queen Elincia

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Cosplayer: Aselea
There are so many gorgeous designs and characters in Fire Emblem. So many. ;_; This was not my first FE costume, and it will hopefully not be the last one either.

-All the armour parts were made from craft foam. The shoulder pauldrons are attached to the chest piece, the chiffon cape was glued to the back, and the whole thing closes via velcro between the side and back pieces. Velcro is also used to close the bracelets and ankle pieces, while the circlet and armbands just slide on.

-The beads hanging from the armour and coat were attached with clear thread.

-Bridal satin was used for everything except the cape. The details are bias tape and fabric paint. The undershirt fastens with hooks and eyes, the coat features ribbon closures on the front, and the bootcovers have zippers inserted into the back seams.

-Styling the wig required some wefting in order to pull it into an updo, but the rest was rather straightforward. I didn't need to craft any sort of support structure for the bun - some careful hairspraying was enough to make it hold its shape.