Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



My first cosplay. Wow. I look back at this now and can't help but to laugh.

- - - - - -

The wig was originally a blonde mullet from Party City. But thanks to my older sister who has a knack for cosmetology type things, it was cut and dyed through copious amounts of temporary spray-on hair color.

The shirt and pants were bought at Walmart for $10-15

The jacket was given to me by my step-mother.

The shoes were bought at Payless for around $20-$25.

Since I couldn't find any afforadable goggles, I purchased a pair of sunglasses from Target.

Reno's stun baton was a piece of PVC piping with grey tape on both ends...but I have no clue where it has gone since then. Lol.

***Reno is retired as of right now! I gave my wig to a friend back in 2012 and I have yet to buy another one. But who knows? I might bring Reno back one of these days. ;)***


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Reno


Quinn the Shiki You make a cool Reno! I can't wait for more pictures!

KitoCosplay Looks great!

KiraCosplayHai Aweosme Reno! ^^