kaatsumi as Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe

Mahou Shojo Madoka

Cosplayer: kaatsumi
Styling the wig was the most fun I had with this costume. The wig is Extra Long Straight Wig - Gold from the Cosplay.com premium collection (No longer available, but it can be found at epiccosplay as autumn gold). I trimmed the wig and weft the hair into the curled pigtails. They hold their shape with the use of parallel wires clear taped between 2 pieces of clear acetate paper incase any of the stands came apart.

The skirt is box pleated. The yellow fabric is suede and was a lot of fun to work with.

The gun was made from foam board, pvc pipe and some craft foam.

The soul gem is a cast plastic egg, the base is clay and foam. A simple turn on/off light was installed in the bottom so it also lights up.

I didn't get all the touch ups I wanted done for this year, so over the next few months hopefully I'll REALLY finish it. The series is so much more popular this year =D