Final Fantasy X-2



Rikku has been one of my favourite characters for a long time, but most of her costumes are really skimpy so have been in to much of a panic over cosplaying her, But im starting to get some confidence back so i think im gunna do the versions i really want to do of her. This is one of them, In my opinion, all the black mage deigns are epic! I would like to have a go at yunas black mage at some point to, but rikku socking in this are just <3 WANT!!!! XD.

I think with all the varients i want to do, im just gunna have to do a full rikku con weekend haha XD, anyway don't know when i will do this as i already have 3 versions of rikku planned for this year, maybe for october if i have time :/. . will have to seeeeee!!

"Im gunna put you in a cast, and i don't mean the broken bone kind GET IT!!"

Now for may expo, because icouldn't wait haha, she will be my backup cosplay in case another one falls through, she will also be for october expo ^^ <3

Staff and Costume are being commisioned by Ashika <3


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Rikku
Variant Black Mage Dressphere


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