Lucy Steel

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

This was a pretty basic costume, fun to make as well as wear! I based this off of the chapters which Lucy is running away from Blackmore, I think that was the epitome of her cuteness throughout the manga. Everything on the costume was custom patterned. The pink dress is made out of stretch knit fabric that was originally going to be used for Lina Inverse but I have since found a more suitable color fabric to use for her, so I decided to use it for Lucy instead. The black underskirt is made of four-way stretch spandex. The stockings were custom made out of standard 2-way stretch spandex that was sewn together as stripes then sewn up along the side seam. The bootcovers were made out of stretch knit, as were the gloves, and both are decorated with some nifty tinsel pompoms! The wig was purchased and styled, a lot of excess was trimmed off and layered to look like Lucy's particular hairstyle, I'm pretty happy with how the trimming came out.
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Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Character Lucy Steel

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