Albert Silverberg

Suikoden III

@Banira Vanilla3


The character himself was very vague; there was barely any info on him unless you went through Suikoden III for the PS2. He is the antagonist and a premier strategist, so I was tasked to find a book of some sort.

His costume was much less to be desired when seen ingame. I added a few chains and crosses on the incomplete coat I ordered, and sewed the clip on hangers around the arm line to his neck. I wear glasses, however. This makes it hard for me to adjust his character, so I ordered those grandma-glass-holders that wrap around the glasses from ebay and also an earpiece.

The wig was a random light brown wig that was coloured using red Sharpies and permanent markers.
The results were great.


@Banira Vanilla3
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Series Suikoden III
Character Albert Silverberg


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