Lind Wanijima

Air Gear

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I really wanted to cosplay Air Gear again, and so i decided to do Lind Wanijima, who has always been one of my favourites.

I used a mix of broadcloth and parquet for Lind. The primary material though was parquet. I used the parquet for the outside of his shirt and pants, and used the broadcloth to line it inside so that it would be more comfortable (lining can drive me crazy, proper lining that is).

The cuts in his pants and the sleeves of his shirt were carefully done. Before putting in the broadcloth lining (quite comfortable really), I used 28 - 30 gauge wire combined to make the tears stand up since like with Square Enix, Oh!Great likes to defy gravity. But O!G does it not just with the hair, but the clothes. Wonderful. So this was quite an interesting process to get them to stand up, which luckily it worked.

I used white piping for many of my details, which was a lot of fun to do, and I absolutely love using piping for details, so using white for a change was nice.

I was quite pleased with my wig, since I styled it myself (usually my wife or twin sister does it, but my wife is pregnant, and my sister is hours away, although as I'm typing this I'm in my hotel room in Germany for LBM). Lots of thinning using my wonderful thinning sheers and lots of hair glue.


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@Fallen Sephiros
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