Team Fortress 2



More crossplaying fun for Bluehen. Thus far this is my favorite costume to wear. TF2 fans are awesome to meet at conventions (especially if you let them hold your bonesaw and feed them lollipops for being good patients).

Where stuff came from:

Vintage Tyrolean: The Queen Mary (as in the cruise-ship-turned-hotel-turned-lame-ghost-tour-attraction) plus craft foam, a button, a feather, and paint

Coat: a commission from God Save The Queen Fashions (Juego, this is all your fault)


Backpack and Medi-gun:

Glasses: eBay (and they are actually German)

Gloves: rubber kitchen gloves from World Market

Belt and buckle: Tandy Leather

Medic Patches:

Everything else: store-bought with little or no modification


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Series Team Fortress 2
Character Medic
Variant Red


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