Megurine Luka

Vocaloid 2



Have to finish the headphones; they're a work in progress. Also have to take the zipper off my dress and put on one that works.

5/31/11 Just kidding, I think the zipper is fine! I have acquired a wig at Fanime!! I love it; it's super thick and long and wavy and pretty. I have some pictures of it that I'll probably upload soon, but just pictures of the wig, nothing else D:

7/3/11: I wore this the first day of Anime Expo, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I want to improve the headphones, but this cosplay is pretty much done!!

7/15/11: Possibly redoing the headphones, cause the wings are curved in a weird way which displeases me. I figure if I've made them once and figured out a method, then making them again should be super easy, if a little repetitive. I just have to find another teal folder, which was difficult last time; I only got one because someone saw one and bought it for me cause they're super nice ^^


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Megurine Luka
Variant Magnet


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