Grell Sutcliff




Ahhh, where do I begin? Ever since I saw a picture of this man, I've fallen madly in love with him. That long red hair, those yellow-green eyes, those sexy-ass glasses!!! And after watching the anime, my love for him only grew. <3 So, I knew I had to cosplay him. :D

The white shirt is from my Konoka cosplay. ^^ The vest my mom made a loong time ago, and she never uses it so she gave it to me. :P The coat I found at Goodwill and I modified it a bit to look more like Grell's. XD Like color the buttons on the sleeves black, put black tape on the bottom.... xD The pants I had, boots I had. The glasses I found at Claire's, and the glasses chain is from my Butler Grell cosplay, cept I added skulls to them. ;D The wig I bought off Ebay. <333 Gloves I found at the mall. :P

Mmkay, now I'm working on improving my Grell cosplay, as I want to make it as accurate as possible~ ^^;; So, I got a new coat, from a friend who used to cosplay him but no longer does~ And I got a better chain for my glasses, also have added red covers to my boots to look more like his~ XD Also hoping to get/make his famous sharp teeth~ ;)

I love cosplaying Grell so f-ing much. XD


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Grell Sutcliff
Variant Shinigami


~Black*Star~ You look amazing as Grell! I love him too >///< he is a very sexy man!!! XD

Mi Feng Woot! Go Grell~ you look awesome :)