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I started off with the jacket which is three panels sewn together then I sewed on half the sleeve, sewed the red stripes down the sleeve then sewed it on competely. Then I moved onto adding the red stripes for the rest of the jacket. The patch on the back was done by using the zig zag stitch and layering different fabrics together.
I was going to add pockets into the jacket, I ran out of time though. Will do that... sometime!

Shorts were interfaced at the top so keep its shape because they were made from polycotton.

Wig was originally long, coming down to my mid-back, but I've cut and layered it.

Goggles were made from red cotton drill double layered with yellow acetate slipped in and then zig zag stitched on a slightly wide stitch in case I'd cut a hole through the acetate. I then sewed on some black elastic.

Drill was made from DAS clay, painted in acrylic and attached with some black string.

Waist bandages bought from Boots. Ankle bandages bought from Superdrug.

I still need to make the boot covers, but otherwise I'm done, wahey!


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