Franziska von Karma

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All

She's an annoying person when you first trial against her, she's so bossy and all, but then in Justice For All's ending you'll be suprised when saw her crying....8D omaigoodnes that's so cuuute. She's one of my favorite character in this series. I'm glad when played Trials and Tribulations she came helping Phoenix and the others, way to go Franzie XD

Franzie's costume now become one of my favorite, i love leather XD although Franzie's costume supposed to be plain fabric, but i think leather suits her more. Done in two weeks,as always : D
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Series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All
Character Franziska von Karma

spifferniffer I love the leather! It suits Franziska, way more than plain fabric XD Just adds to her badassery. Great costume! The wig is perfect, too.

Chayce Love it!