Heather Mason

Silent Hill 3



For Oni-con 2010, I decided to do Heather's "transform" costume from Silent Hill 3. I've always wanted to cosplay from the series, and a friend was going to make a Robbie the Rabbit costume for the con, so it was the perfect opportunity!

I fail hardcore at sewing right now, so I commissioned the dress, which I then altered mercilessly due to my perfectionist ways. It's still too big on top, but I couldn't do any more without removing the sleeves, which I was afraid to do.

Also.... the headband. THE HEADBAND!! D: It gave me trouble because I was basically making it up as I went. Same for the choker and belt buckle. Most of that stuff is held on by the magic of lots of pins, and some velcro. 8Db

It was worth it though, cause I had a blast and people seemed to enjoy it even if they didn't know what it was! I hope to fix a couple things that still bug me and wear it lots more in the future!


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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Heather Mason


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