Mako Mankanshoku

Kill la Kill



I fell in love with Mako pretty much immediately. She's the kind of character that I love cosplaying, because I don't have to be "serious" or "pretty" for the photos. I can make stupid faces or poses and it works!

The seifuku is just a basic seifuku. I patterned it after an old t-shirt, and then used that one seifuku collar youtube video tutorial. It's pretty much the first video that comes up if you google "seifuku tutorial". The skirt is just a short, pleated skirt. The fabric was all originally white twill, but I dyed the collar and skirt to the blue that I wanted. The scarf is broadcloth. The stripes on the collar, and the tie for the scarf are just white bias tape. The wig is a Magnum Long in Light Brown from Arda. All-in-all, a really simple cosplay that I threw together two weeks before a con. It was a ton of fun to wear, too!

EDIT: Wig has been updated! It is now a Katinka from Arda in Spanish Brown. I debuted this wig at Anime Boston. Fyi it's amazingly coconutty.


Seifuku: 100%
Skirt: 100%
Shoes: 100%
Socks: 100%
Wig: 100%


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