Juvia Loxar

Fairy Tail

I wasn't planning on being Juvia this Banzai, but I ended up heading a Fairy Tail panel on Sunday, so I needed something XD Juvia wore this outfit when they first arrive in the capital for the GMG, and then later in the fight with the dragons.

The shirt is a repurposed tank top/sports bra I usually use as a camisole; it's lined with double-fold bias tape. The skirt is ponte knit, like my other Juvia skirt. The boots and umbrella are also recycled. The gloves are store-bought from a Halloween outlet. The hat was a 50-cent bucket from a thrift shop that I covered with suiting fabric and fake fur (that stuff SHEDS). The purse is because I wanted something in-character to carry around for my cash and phone. It's the same fabric as the hat and lined with a quilting square. It's decorated with a Gray-sama patch <3
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Series Fairy Tail
Character Juvia Loxar
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