Yu Yu Hakusho

This is something loosely based on Yukina's outfit from episode 112 of the anime. At first I put it together quickly because I needed something appropriate for a Christmas cosplay party with some friends. So I made it a bit more Christmas-like by changing the pink skirt for a red one that matches her hair ribbon, and adding some accessoiries.

Later, for a cosplay event at Shiobara Onsen in March 2014 I re-did this outfit, making it look more like in the actual episode. I bought a plain pink one-piece dress and sewed white buttons and lace to it, making it look like Yukina's dress.

One thing I wasn't sure about was the shoes, because we don't really see her shoes in episode 112... The first scene is indoors so she just wears white loose socks then, and later in the beach scene she's barefoot. So I have no idea if it's accurate, but I just wore some random red sneakers to go with it. ^^;

I wore it again for Abunai 2014, by that time I didn't have those shoes anymore, and it was in summer, so I wore it barefoot with the geta from her usual outfit.

In 2018, I re-made the collar of the dress to be more accurate, for a Yu Yu Hakusho convention in Japan.
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