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My recent Original Design inspired by the old Germanic Legend of the killer plant. I was gifted with some magenta brocade satin by a friend of mine last year but couldnt think of anything to do with it. I had an itching to sew something so I thought a trumpet dress would be interesting since I have never tried one before. Since the color was that odd pinkish red it reminded me of the Alraune Characters I have seen in Video Games so I decided to use that as my concept base.

Summary of the myth of Alraune from Deities Daily:
From the Middle Ages of Germany comes tell of the Alraune, a type of mandrake. Though some say that the term “Alraune” is used to refer to all mandrakes. Mandrakes were toxic, psychoactive plants that sprouted from the graves of guilty men, known for their piercing, often-lethal screams (comparable to the cries of a dying child) they belt out upon being pulled from the ground. Rather than sprouting from the corpse of guilty men, Alraune instead grow from men whom have been hanged at the gallows.

Once their necks had snapped, the blood of the freshly hanged corpse would drip down into the dirt, where the roots of the Alraune would begin to grow, eventually becoming humanoid in shape. According to many alchemists of the period, these men also ejaculated in their final breaths, and their semen would aid in the creation of the Alraune, which was symbolic of the Earth absorbing the last literal drops of the man’s strength.

Wooooow creepy! So is she a good guy or a bad guy..uh girl I mean. *scratches head*


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gypsy_girl Creepy legend. Awesome dress.