Asuka Langley Soryu

Neon Genesis Evangelion



Another pattern I made myself. The skirt is pretty much just two trapezoids that were pleated and then sewn together with a waistband and zipper. It's high-waisted, which is nice, because it makes my legs look really long! I used kona premium cotton solids in a nice light blue, because I decided to make this cosplay in fall, when all the solid cotton twills are nonexistent.

I didn't make the blouse, I just purchased it from an ebay seller specializing in fifties style clothing. It really is more of a sailor collar than a peter pan collar, but I'm running out of time before the con. I'd like to make a more accurate blouse for when I wear this cosplay next.

The socks were also purchased on ebay, and the shoes I already owned. The wig, which I'm going to use many times for my Asuka cosplays, is an Arda Eowyn in Pumpkin. The neural clips are from Etsy, by the seller ShinkaStudiosCosplay.

Blouse: 100%
Wig: 100%
Socks: 100%
Jumper: 100%
Shoes: 100%
Bow: 100%
Bracelet: 100%


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Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character Asuka Langley Soryu


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